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Sidekiq is a well-regarded background job framework for Ruby. Now we're bringing the awesomeness to Crystal, a Ruby-like language. Why? To give you options. Ruby is friendly and flexible but not terribly fast. Crystal is statically-typed, compiled and very fast but retains a similar syntax to Ruby.

Rough, initial benchmarks on macOS 10.14.5, ruby 2.7.2:

Runtime | RSS | Time | Throughput --------|-----|------|------------- Sidekiq 6.2.0 | 55MB | 16.4 | 6,100 jobs/sec Sidekiq 6.2.0/hiredis | 49MB | 13.0 | 7,900 jobs/sec Crystal 0.35.1 | 15MB | 3.8 | 26,000 jobs/sec

If you have jobs which are CPU-intensive or require very high throughput, Crystal is an excellent alternative to native Ruby extensions. It compiles to a single executable so deployment is much easier than Ruby.

Getting Started

Please see the wiki for in-depth documentation and how to get started using in your own app.

Support is community-supported and not commercially supported by @mperham and Contributed Systems. General maintenance and bug fixes are always welcomed.

Help wanted

See the issues for chores and other ideas to help.

Things that do not exist and probably won't ever:

The Ruby and Crystal versions of Sidekiq must remain data compatible in Redis. Both versions should be able to create and process jobs from each other. Their APIs are not and should not be identical but rather idiomatic to their respective languages.


Sidekiq is a registered trademark of Contributed Systems who has granted use of the name to this project.


Originally developed by Mike Perham, Maintained by Hugo Parente Lima.