class Db::Schema::Dump

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Constant Summary

PARSER_OPTS = [:dump_to] of Symbol


Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class BaseTask

call call, option_parser : OptionParser option_parser, option_parser=(option_parser : OptionParser) option_parser=, output : IO output, output=(output : IO) output=, print_help_or_call(args : Array(String)) print_help_or_call, run_task run_task

Class methods inherited from class BaseTask

task_help_message : String task_help_message, task_name : String task_name, task_summary : String task_summary

Instance methods inherited from class Object

blank_for_validates_required? : Bool blank_for_validates_required?

Constructor Detail

def : Bool = false) #

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Class Method Detail

def self.task_help_message : String #

The help text to be displayed when a help flag is passed in (e.g. -h, --help) Use the help_message

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def self.task_name : String #

The name of your task as derived by the class name Use the .task_name macro to define a custom task name

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def self.task_summary : String #

By default, task summaries are optional. Use the summary macro to define a custom summary

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Instance Method Detail

def dump_to : String #

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def option_parser : OptionParser #

def option_parser=(option_parser : OptionParser) #

def output : IO #

def output=(output : IO) #

def print_help_or_call(args : Array(String)) #

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def run_task #

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def set_opt_for_dump_to(args : Array(String)) #

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