docr is a tool for searching Crystal API and shards documentation from the command line.



See the releases page for available binaries.

From Source

Crystal v1.8.0 or above is required to build Docr.

git clone
cd docr
shards build


By default, Docr comes with no libraries, but you can easily import the standard library documentation using docr update. This command will search for the crystal executable on your system and import that version of the API documentation. If the executable isn't found, it defaults to the latest available Crystal release. If you want to import the standard library directly or a specific version, you can do so with the docr add crystal <version> command (also accepts "latest" as a version).


You can also import third-party libraries (or shards) using the docr add command:


After importing the libraries you want, you can simply lookup or search whatever you want! Use the docr search command to search for all types and symbols matching the query, and the docr info command to get direct information about a specified type or symbol:


Both the info and search commands support Crystal path syntax for queries, meaning the following commands are valid:

However, the following commands are not valid:

This is because the first argument is parsed as the base type or namespace to look in, and the second argument is parsed as the symbol to look for. In the first example, JSON::Any is the namespace and as_s the symbol, whereas in the second example, JSON is the namespace and Any as_s is the symbol, which is invalid. This doesn't mean you have to specify the namespace of a symbol, Docr can determine whether an argument is a type/namespace or symbol and handle it accordingly.


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