class Radix::Result(T)


Result present the output of walking our Radix tree Radix::Tree implementation.

It provides helpers to retrieve the success (or failure) and the payload obtained from walkin our tree using Radix::Tree#find

This information can be used to perform actions in case of the path that was looked on the Tree was found.

A Result is also used recursively by Radix::Tree#find when collecting extra information like params.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def found? #

Returns whatever a payload was found by Tree#find and is part of the result.

result = Radix::Result(Symbol).new
# => false

root = Radix::Node(Symbol).new("/", :root)
# => true

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def params #

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def payload : T | Nil #

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def payload? : T | Nil | Nil #

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def use(node : Node(T), payload = true) #

Adjust result information by using the details of the given Node.

  • Collect Node for future references.
  • Use payload if present.

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